I Am Yours


This poem is published on Kingdom Pen’s site (http://kingdompen.org)

Please check Kingdom Pen out!  It’s an awesome site for Christian teen writers. 🙂
I Am Yours

By Grammar_girl

Where am I?

How can I escape,Seek the Lord

From this horrendous black hole I’m in?

A hole called Sin,

Sucking me in,

And no one can help me out.

Light piercing through,

Shining on my face.

There is someone who can help me,

Make me be whom I’m meant to be,

Not just someone,

In the dark hole of Sin.

Jesus, help me leave the dark,

The light is what I want.

You are whom I need.

And for you alone will I bleed,

And sweat, and die for,

Because you died for me.

“Who am I?”

I ask my Lord.

“You are my beloved.”

He tells me,

“You are the one I brought

Out of the dark and into the light.

“I love you,

And I will guide you,

Even through the darkest hole called Sin.

And you will always win.

For I am with you,


“Even if you mess up,

I will never leave.

You are now my child.

And I am your Father.

You are loved.

And you are mine.”

“Don’t worry what others think about you.

They cannot comprehend,

How much I love you,

I made you in my image.

You are like a little bird,

Flying for the first time.bible stuffs

“But I will help you fly.

And you will never die,

For you will live with me forever.

You are loved,

And you are mine.”


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