Myers-Briggs Protagonists


I was talking a lot with my family about the MBTI stuff and different personality types over the weekend and had to come up with a lot of examples for the types.

Anyway, it eventually led to finding commonalities with various same-type protagonists and I thought Iā€™d share the common stories for the types!



INTJ: The Architect


The ongoing chronicles of a reserved, resourceful and outrageously brilliant hero. Includes almost equally brilliant villains who will do anything to kill or exact revenge on said hero. Readers often take note on the solutions presented to hypothetical problems because they are so ingenious, though really never end up using them.

See also: Sherlock Holmes, James Bond

INTP: The Logician


Labeled as eccentric (affectionately or otherwise). Makes an amazing breakthrough discovery and must deal with others reactions to/attempts to steal it. Changes everyday life in some way.


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