Top Ten Villains

So a few days ago, writefury, tagged me for the Top 10 Villains…tag.  Thank you, writefury (by the way, do please check out her wonderful blog; you won’t be disappointed)!  This is the tag button:


All right then, down to business.  Here are the rules (yes, there are some rules):

  1. Post the button (√).
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you (Thank ya kindly, writefury).
  3. List your top ten favorite villains (they can be from movies or books).
  4. Tag ten other bloggers (I’m not certain I know of ten other bloggers to tag…I’ll tag as many I can think of).

Okay, now seriously down to serious business.

The Top Ten Villains (in no particular order) are…*drum roll*…well, I’m about to list them. 😛

1. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)


Guess who my least favorite Harry Potter character is?  No, not Voldemort.  Voldemort is tolerable; I can even sympathize with him, although, of course, his actions are clearly wrong.  My least favorite character in the Harry Potter series is Dolores Umbridge.  She is simply the most hateable (I made that word up) villain I’ve ever read.  Which, I suppose, would put her on my Top Ten Villains list, since villains are created to be hated.  Her love of pink, tea, and kittens and her annoying smiles and giggles make her all the more hateful.  I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character more than Dolores Umbridge.  That’s why she’s number one on my list (even though I said the Top Ten Villains list was in no particular order *sigh*).

[Note: the second best Harry Potter villain is Bellatrix Lestrange.]

2. Sauron (Lord of the Rings)


Okay, I’ll state the obvious.  Sauron is an excellently executed villain.  When I read the Lord of the Rings books, Sauron’s villainous character makes me shudder.  Sauron’s absolute power over Middle Earth creates a perfect villain, who strikes fear in the hearts of not only the characters, but also in the hearts of the readers.

3. Cronus (Percy Jackson)


Can you get a more fearful, powerful villain than Cronus?  Well, besides Sauron, I’d say no.  I’m a mythology geek, so I love Percy Jackson.  A lot.  And Cronus is the perfect villain.  A villain so powerful that it seems absolutely impossible that the puny hero will overcome him.  The odds are all on the villain’s side.  But somehow, miraculously, the hero overcomes the villain.  And everyone shouts, “Hurrah!”  Yeah, you get the picture.  This is basically how the story of Percy Jackson ends.  But Cronus is such a great villain because, like I said with Sauron, it seems like he can’t be defeated.  But he is.  One element that contributes to creating a great story is a great villain.  And the Percy Jackson series has that.

4. IT (A Wrinkle in Time)


What gets better than a giant, mushy brain as the villain of the story?  That probably sounded a little weird if you haven’t read “A Wrinkle in Time,” but weirdness is good, right?  We like weird.  After all, where’s the fun in a normal, even–dare I say it–stereotypical villain?  Boring.  “A Wrinkle in Time” is my favorite sci-fi (and I’m not a big sci-fi person)…

5. Ultron (Age of Ultron)ultron

Evilness + funniness + genius = great villain.  Need I say any more?  I really just loved his character and villainy, and what’s a good villain without lots of good lines to quote? 😉

6. Davy Jones (Pirates of the Carribean)


This villain gives me the creeps, though I can sympathize with him.  His theme music makes him even creepier.  A good villain tends to be really powerful and have lots of…scary henchmen.  Davy Jones is definitely a powerful villain, and he definitely has scary henchmen.  And he’s creepy.  Really creepy.  But he’s not the creepiEST villain.  Stay tuned for the creepiest villain!

7. Ian Howe (National Treasure)


I have this thing for villains with cool accents (Ian Howe has a VERY cool accent).  Don’t judge.  Plus, he’s a genius.  The best villains are a blend of villainy and genius.  You can almost admire Ian Howe…but you don’t because he’s just, you know…villainous.

8. Jadis or the White Witch (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe & The Magician’s Nephew)


How could she not be on this list?  Just say, “You’re right,” and move on.

9. El Matcho (Despicable Me 2)


Did mention that I like villains with cool accents?  Yeah, I think I did.  

10. President Snow (Hunger Games Trilogy)


Creepiest villain award goes to President Snow from Hunger Games.  I actually–how do I say this nicely– don’t particularly like Hunger Games; that’s another discussion (perhaps I’ll write a blog post about why I didn’t like Hunger Games).  However, President Snow is a great villain.  And creepy.  Very creepy.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the tagging of other bloggers:

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Have fun choosing your villains! 😉

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