Pictures, Universal Truths, and Springy Poetry

Spring is coming quickly!  Do you know what that means?  Warm weather after a long gray winter.  Flowers of all colors.  Bright, sunny days.  Green trees and grass.

God’s creation is so unbelievably beautiful.  It’s amazing.  Each season is unique in itself, and each season brings different joys and beauties.  God knew that after a long winter we’d need a season of beautiful renewal.  And it’s interesting that God chose this season for Jesus to die and be resurrected, renewed.  In fact, the spring season reflects God’s renewal (well, not renewal…newal…) of our hearts when He saves us.

Here are some pictures I took on a glorious Spring day recently.  Yeah, we serve an AWESOME God. 🙂


Dark trees of shadow, 

Before a long green meadow,

The sky is bluer than Blue,

And white sunlight peeks through. 



The green grass streaks,

Purple flowers like mountain peaks, 

The soil Spring’s flowers adorning, 

Replacing winter’s gray mourning.


Mud preserving perfect tracks, 

These little prints tell all the facts,

Raccoon or cat or maybe deer,

At these old tracks I like to peer. 


Still winter most ev’rywhere,

But look, there’s some green there!

Little patches of green,

Through brown leaves peeking can be seen.

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