What Is Heaven Like?

If Jesus calls me home today,

I know, I’m sure that it’s okay.

If I go up to Heaven today,

I know the first thing I will say.

I will stand before the King,

All I will do is praise Him and sing,

“Holy, holy, praise the Lord!”

Admiration from my mouth will be poured.

Then Jesus, the mediator between God and man,

Will come down from the throne at God’s right hand.

He’ll come to me, and I’ll fall on my face,

Blinded His holiness, I’ll be in a daze.

But Jesus will take my hand,

He’ll pull me up and make me stand.

He’ll look me right in the eyes,

As if I’m special, His only prize.

He’ll embrace me and tell me,

“Your pain is over, and you’ll now be,

With me for eternity.  Look,” he’ll say,

“At the city of gold, pearl, and jade,

This great city for you I’ve made.”

I’ll join the angels in singing His praise,

I’ll be in paradise praising Him always.





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