Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry.  It’s really quite fun.  My sister and I arranged books in stacks to make different little…poems.  I got this idea from writefury. {Hint: GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG!  YOU’LL LOVE IT!}

Just because quotes are awesome.  And this one is about titles, so it’s kind of relevant.  Okay, it’s not relevant, but it’s true. 😛

This is loads of fun, so I’d encourage you all to try it, too.  Post your little Book Spine Poems in the comments!


Gathering blue,

Many waters,

Catching fire.

This is probably my favorite one. ❤

The abandoned,

The stranger at home,

Go set a watchman,

Seven days left.


Great expectations,

What happened to Tad,

The kill order.


A little princess,

Saved by love,

The basket of flowers.


North or be eaten!

The boy who never lost a chance,


The High King.


The dark is rising,

The children of Húrin,

Victory on the Walls.

This was so much fun!  Thanks writefury for telling me about Book Spine Poetry. 🙂  What was your favorite one?  Please comment below!


2 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

    1. YES! THE WINGFEATHER SAGA IS AMAZING! I still haven’t finished the last book, but I’m going to this summer!
      Wait…which one did you say your favorite was? Sorry, I forgot. XD


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