Poetry Challenges

So, a new poetry challenge.  Because poetry’s awesome, right?  Right. *looks around the room and glares at anyone who didn’t say right*  Yes, I’m attempting to start another poetry series…where I write a poem about something different every two weeks.  Y’all can join me if you like.

Here’s the first challenge (I actually wrote this poem for a contest, which I entered and won which I didn’t enter because I missed the deadline, but anyway, it was still fun): describe or give shape to an adjective.  I chose the adjective “warm,” and I wrote a poem about it.  It was lots of fun thinking of creative ways to give shape to the adjective warm!


The sun’s rays are warm,

Pouring light down,

On gentle slopes and tiny farms,

While echoes among hills resound.


The colors red, orange, yellow,

Are warm and bright,

A crackling bonfire

On a starry night.


A breath of warm air,

Blown through my fist,

Relief from the cold,

Then my breath turns to mist.


Soaking up warmth,

In a bath full of water,

Warm is also the love,

A father feels for his daughter.


Warm cake from the oven,

The sugary delight dissolving,

On the taste buds of my tongue,

My stomach’s growling solving.


Under piles of blankets,

I snuggle in bed,

Warm, toasty, content,

I’ll cover my head.


Warm is found,

In hot summer weather,

Warm ponds to swim in,

Lots of berries to gather.


My family on the couch,

Love bursts in my chest,

This makes me feel warm,

God, put my love to the test.


What do you think of when you hear the word warm?  How would you have described “warm?”  What adjective would you have picked?  Comment below with your ideas or poems!  Also, (I don’t think I say this enough, so I’ll say it now) if you have any critiques for this poem, I would absolutely love to hear them in the comments!  Critiques and feedback help me grow as a writer/poet, so I’m always willing to listen to them.  Really, don’t be shy. 😉


7 thoughts on “Poetry Challenges

  1. I love this poem! Great job! 😀 As for what I think when I think about warm, I think about sitting out on our porch at around noon in early Spring when it’s really cold in the house and you’re almost numb but not quite and then BAM sunlight thaws ya right out. It’s awesome. 😀 I love it!

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    1. Thank you, Sarah! ❤ Ahhh, yes. That's a great description of the "warm." 😛 I'll be sitting outside without a jacket, freezing to death, and then the sun warms me up…and probably saves my life, since I was too stupid to go inside a get a jacket. XD

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  2. hannahwriter98

    I love the poem too; my favorite verse was the one about about hot summer weather and berries. And my idea of warm is exactly the converse of yours, Sarah: a grey, icy day of snow, when you are safe inside with a sweater and blanket and cup of hot chocolate. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Hannah! 😀
      Oh, yes, and we can’t forget the book. 😉 Sweater + blanket + hot cocoa + book = warm. That makes me feel warm just reading about it!


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