Welcome to the Writings Page!  This is where I post any and all my writings, including short stories and poems.  If you have comments or critiques, I’d love to hear them.  Just comment on the “About” page with your critiques.  They are much appreciated.  Enjoy!


A Day in the Country

I Am Yours

The Wind’s Secrets (this is a short poem, focusing on meter)

A Glorious Day (another short poem)

How Can I

Heaven Poem

“Warm” Poem

My Little Brother Poem

Words of Life Poem

Short Stories:

Healing short story (I can’t give out the link yet)

Another short story that I’m working on right now.  And it’s also TOP SECRET.  You shall never know what it is about until it is released. Mwhahahaha.

Beep, bop, bonk…

Well, the “top secret short story” has turned into a novelette…Unexpected.


The Sorcerer’s Daughter

And another novel which I think I’m going to title “The Power of the Nine.”