Writing Websites


This is the place where I post some great writing websites (or websites that have to do with writing) and any writing articles I thought were helpful.  You should really check them out if you’re interested in writing.  Seriously.  You’d be doing yourself a favor.



http://kingdompen.org [THIS IS THE BESTESTIST WEBSITE FOR CHRISTIAN TEEN WRITERS.  I CAN’T ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN ENOUGH. ❤  Seriously, though, if I could only choose one writing resource, it would be this website.]




A Helpful Article (Writer’s Digest)

Article About Writing Flashbacks (Novel Writing Help)

Ten Tips to Help You Avoid Telling Writing | Scribendi.com (READ THIS ARTICLE!  IT IS SO HELPFUL!)

Writer’s Digest: 5 Tips for Starting a Novel

4 Approaches for the First Chapter of Your Novel | Writer’s Digest

Fantasy Article

Most Common Writing Mistakes, Pt. 51: One-Dimensional Characters

100+ Questions to Help You Interview Your Character

Are Your Verbs Showing or Telling?

Is Your First-Person Narrator Overpowering Your Story?

Why Everything In Your Story Must Tie Into Your Theme (Kingdom Pen)

Common Types of Poetry (Your Dictionary)

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